Sunday, May 15, 2011


          When God is ready to move and you have been praying, don't be surprised when it happens! God has been moving in our life rapidly in the last few days. Last Wednesday, we had our regular bible study class. We did something a little different. We got in a circle and each person took a few moments to pray about whatever was on their heart. When my wife, Joni, prayed, it was concerning her employment. As we prepare to move to DFW, we are diving in with both feet because as of last week Joni didn't have a job or even a good prospect.  When we arrived home, Joni checked the job postings for the DFW area and lo and behold, there was a new posting in Coppell ISD. Like she usually does, she applied for the job and emailed the principal to following morning with her resume and cover letter. Within two hours, she received an email from the principal asking her to come for an interview the next day, Friday. We went up and Joni interviewed. Two hours after her interview, the principal called her to request a second interview!!! She has that interview this Friday, so prayers are greatly appreciated! 
          The thing that gets me about all of this is that God is ALWAYS THAT FAITHFUL and we are so blind to his faithfulness! I began to look back over the past few months and have been astonished at how God has continually worked throughout our lives. I was thinking, 'How could anyone be so blind to not see God alive, well, and working in our lives every day?' The answer is it's easy to be blind the the work of God. We live such busy lives and our day planners are so full that we often don't "stop and smell the roses." And quite frankly, Satan likes it that way! The busier we are, the less we pay attention to God's work, the more of a foothold Satan has to pull us away from the work to which God has called each of us. I think it's important to work diligently to resist our schedules being so overrun with stuff that we neglect our relationship with God. Daily prayer, study of scripture, and just being with God is important to balance our lives. We are still going to be busy, but we will also be rooted in the Word of God and will be more likely able to handle our problems. What is even more is that we will stay connected to God and will begin to appreciate the work of God in our lives, the lives of our loved ones and friends, and the world.

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