Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten Ponderings

And thus it begins. Lent. Many are sitting and thinking about what it is that they want to "give up" for this season leading up to the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord. I, too, was thinking about what to give up. I actually began the preparation for Lent in January and spent time in discernment in December to figure out what it is that God wanted me to give up for Lent. I have been mentally preparing for a number of things that will be changing in my life. Most notably, my weight problem. I have decided that the best way to deal with it is to be completely transparent with my weight. I will be blogging periodically throughout Lent on various topics; however, one topic that will appear at least weekly is a blog about my struggles and an update on my weight. This morning I weighed in and my weight was 507 lbs. Don't adjust your screen or think you need glasses. I really and truly weigh 507 lbs. What an eye opener for me and for all of us! This will be a struggle and will take time to conquer, but I know that with your prayers and this accountability, I shall overcome! Please offer your support by your prayers and accountability. Understand that this will be hard and I may not always recieve your accountability, but it is appreciated and I thank you in advance! I started an exercise plan back in January and have continued to be committed to that endeavor. Today, I begin a new eating plan to help cultivate a healthy life. Again, I covet your prayers and ask that you keep me accountable. Thank you so much for caring!


  1. I love your transparency and bravery so much. I am with you, friend. God knows I understand.

  2. Amen Brother - I'm jumping back on that horse to - time to kick this poor choices habbit (for me!). I hope you are doing well and I am lifting you up. It's one moment at a time. God created us for something better and bigger than our love of food. I'm 100% here for ya! Love ya!